Rock n Roll Bingo – Jan 2018

Attention all bingo nuts and music fans….
Introducing Rock n Roll Bingo!
There will be 4 round: Films, Disney, Oldies & Top 40 +SPECIAL GUESTS!
Money raised will go towards prizes and the section.
Ears up, listen in….. its BINNGGGOOOOOO time! 👂🎶

Speak to any of the W1s for more information.



Council Depot Blues – Feb 2018

After the success of “Oh Come ‘Ed Ye Faithful”, we’re pleased to report that Paul Feaver has managed to secure another set of tickets to the Royal Court’s next production, “Council Depot Blues”.

    • What he will miss are the lads who he works with in the Liverpool City Council Excrement Eradication Department. A bunch of social misfits without two airs and graces to rub together, they might wind each other up but they are a team. Stick together through thick and thin. They’d never desert each other or rip each other off. Not even if one of them found something really valuable…
      It’s Stan’s last day on the job and look what he’s leaving behind. Clearing houses after the dearly departed have buggered off beyond the grave leaving nothing behind but busted sofas, faded photos and worthless heirlooms. It’s enough to give anyone the blues.

This play, which the Guardian describes as “spirited and hilarious”, is on Monday 26th Feb and you can get tickets at a specially discounted rate of just TEN POUNDS each, via either Matt Gotts or Paul.



Thank you for all of your support in the 2017 socials including:

Beer Pong Tournament

Last Man Standing

Scouse Nativity

12 Pubs of Christmas


If any teams or members would like to help or organise a social please contact Chairman, Chris Thomas.